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Welcome . . . . .

    Olive Leaf Soap is a Marengo, Illinois, handcrafted soap company that is woman-owned and operated. We hand make our soap in our own homes and give each batch its own individual attention. We take pride in using the finest ingredients in producing our handcrafted soap, including olive and coconut oils. Our oils are “sustainable” and do not contribute to the deforestation of the rain forest, an important consideration these days. We strive to be environment-friendly and provide a quality product for your well-being. 

Our Story . . .
We discovered handcrafted soaps when we stumbled on a wonderfully made handcrafted soap product at a local craft fair. We were amazed at the difference in our skin--it was softer and more moist. After using the soap, we became hooked. We returned yearly to purchase more soap for ourselves,

     After a few years, it became difficult to find our favorite soap maker and learned that she was going to stop making her soaps to concentrate on the main family business. We were disappointed to hear this news. However, this inspired us to look into making our own soap.

     We purchased several Cold Process Soap Making books and pored over them. We purchased the equipment needed and several varieties of oils, fragrances, and lye and began experimenting with the recipes found in the books. We were happy with the soaps made from most of the recipes so we decided to give the soaps away to our friends and family in return for their comments. Everyone was impressed with the quality of these trial soaps. The soaps had nice fragrances, lathered well, cleansed well, and left the skin soft.

     We settled on a very basic recipe that gave us all the qualities we desired and was the most cost friendly. We went into production in our own kitchens and made many batches of different colors and fragrances so we could begin our adventure in the craft fair venue...and the response has been very favorable!

      Customers have requests and we try to provide what they ask for. Fragrance Free was important to some people who have allergies to fragrances so we made our Simply Soap bar. Another customer request was for Goat's Milk Soap. We have begun to develop this line of soap using goat's milk right from the farm.

We know you will enjoy using our soap.
After you try our soap, drop us an
email and let us know what you think.
We would love to hear from you!


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We use
natural grains
and botanicals

Olive Oil is our
main ingredient

Coconut Oil adds
a nice lather

Baskets are available
for special occasions